Tuesday, June 06, 2006


DoRo is now finished. I never got around to writing a sweeping retrospective on all of my experiences over the past two months complete with audio, pictures, fireworks, and puppy dogs. Sorry about that... I was just too tired.

I'm currently on a study month, which means I spend my days hunched over a desk, cramming for Boards. Pretty exciting stuff, no?

Imagine the posts I ought to be writing...

Study Month, Day 6:

I read about osteomyelitis today. It was a wicked awesome couple of paragraphs.

Ahh, well... I'll try to keep posting anyway. Thank you, people who read this and leave comments.

And in honor of it being 6/6/06, a toe-tapping cover of The Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil":

Sandie Shaw - Sympathy for the Devil

More (Pretty much all highly recommended).


At 6:55 PM, Anonymous Sarah said...

Congrats on getting through DoRo, Luke! Don't study too hard! =P


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