Thursday, May 25, 2006


Day 55:

I'm on-call right now. Still waiting for my first 'hit' (new patient).

So far tonight, I've...

a.) gotten the surgical pathology report back on one of my patients, confirming adenocarcinoma of the colon.
b.) read all about the GI system.
c.) taught myself how to shuffle cards.
d.) listened to the guy down the hall sing country songs to himself.
e.) eaten two Snickers.
f.) printed copies of Truman's antibiogram for everyone on the unit.
g.) updated a sticky note.
h.) wasted time on Facebook.
i.) played Nerf-hoop basketball.
j.) built a tower of cards.
k.) done a bunch of push-ups.
l.) tried to build a tower of coins.
l.) checked my email. (L2? - how'd that happen!)
m.) tuned into the Royals losing another game on the radio.
n.) pressed random buttons on my pager.
o.) read about different medical specialties in a book from 1991.
p.) investigated the Canadian Medical Residency Matching System.
q.) listened to music on my MP3 player.
r.) read the news.
s.) run up and down five flights of stairs.
t.) refreshed e-Care 120+ times to see if any new patients are here.
u.) thought about whether I should cut my hair before Mike's wedding on Sunday.
v.) made faces at myself in the bathroom mirror.
w.) tidied up the unit table.
x.) written a silly post for my blog.
y.) thought about the future.
z.) started to yawn.


At 6:38 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

Haha. It is only so funny because I know that exact same feeling. :) Hope you have a great weekend!!!

At 6:34 AM, Anonymous Samantula said...

A)I don't know what that is, but if it involves his colon, I'm scared.
B)MY GI system?
C)How do you shuffle them? I do the classic 'little kid' shuffle - the bridge - you know that one? lets discuss.
D)You should sing to yourself as well.
E)TWO?! Do you have any more canadian chocolate left? I'll have to send you a new batch!
F) How nice of you!
G) LOL - this one is the best of them all, by the way.
H) What's facebook?
I)I used to have one of those do-hikies in my locker and we'd play at lunch!
J) I see you are getting good at that - holy!
K) How many? i suck at push ups.
L)coins? in which way? did you wash your hands afterwards?
L2) I guess docs don't know their alphabet ;'P
M)How about Ottawa getting their ass kicked out of the series right away? that sucked.
N)anything fun happen?
O) are they still relevant? if it were say, a computer technology book from '01 it would be trash - does it work the same way?
Q) Any Dears, perhaps?
R)Did you see my picture?
S) 5 flights? you're insane! One bernd and his brother had a bet to see who could win in a race up to our condo - that would be 22 flights - his brother won by a few seconds but bernd blames it on the fact that he 'paced himself'
T)You have an internet system that does that? you can't just go check?
U)You probably should you dirty little student you!
V)Were they better than MY faces?
W) That was nice of you.
Y)How did that go?


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