Monday, May 01, 2006


Day 31:

The weekend just a collection of faded memories thrown into the ever-filling wastebasket of the past, I awoke this morning to the washed out hues of an early morning sky. As the eternal trash collector, that orange-red incinerator that endlessly streaks its way across the sky, peaked his head up in the east, I shook off my drowsiness and hopped into the shower. The cold white porcelain of the tub's floor sending a shiver up through the soles of my bare feet, I fumbled with the stainless steel handles of the bath's faucet for a couple of moments before stepping beneath the cascade of hot water that finally came bursting from the showerhead in front of me. As I tugged the curtain closed behind me, I breathed in the warm mist that was now trying to envelope my body, attempting to wrap myself up in the humid air much as I had done with a recently cast aside blanket. Eyes closed, I listened to the patter of a thousand water droplets as they bounced off my naked flesh and the cold shower floor, breaking the stillness of a new day...

Not only the beginning of a new day, this morning also marked the start of my second month on DoRo. Dr. S is back with us for the next two weeks as our attending, and we have a whole new set of residents along for the ride as well.

Who knows what the next 31 days may bring?


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