Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Day 18:

The usual dull buzz of nurses and doctors quietly working on the general medicine floor was broken this morning as I first arrived at the hospital. Just as I was getting to the Red Unit, a patient in one of the rooms started to vocally protest his dietary orders... loudly enough for all the floor to hear. He walked out of his room, gown wide open in back, gray hair atop his head a massive ball of frizz, and started shouting, "I'm being starved here! You understand? I'm being starved to death! I've been here eight times befo', and I ain't never been starved like this! I want my breakfast, not whatever this NPO bullshit is... I'm being treated like a prisoner, and it ain't right!"

Security showed up and let him vent some more, while the nursing staff and everyone else just went about their business, ignoring the angry, obviously hungry fellow now pacing up and down the hallway. Someone must have called his doctor (he wasn't one of our patients), because I heard a nurse eventually tell him that the resident had changed his diet from nothing by mouth (NPO) to a less restrictive order. He calmed down after that, his rumbling belly's concerns momentarily taken care of.

Just goes to show you - hospital food can't be that bad.


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