Monday, April 10, 2006


Day 10:

In case you were wondering where days 8 & 9 were, well, they were lost to the weekend. (And I didn't think anybody really wanted to hear a detailed recap of how I spent the bulk of my time... napping on the couch while listening to the Royals game on the radio.)

Today, I'd like to write about Dr. Z, our supervising resident. About 5'10" or so and probably in his late 20s, he carries an air of briskness about him - his face is always cleanly shaven (even post-call), the short blonde hair above his brow carefully spiked this-way-and-that, a colorful necktie cinched tightly beneath a well-starched collar. Though he is not stern by nature, the small round glasses perched ever so neatly on the tip of his nose afford him the look of a young schoolmaster, an image drawn to perfection when he glares over their shiny gold rims to scold a patient for smoking.

He walks to-and-from places with unbridled haste, and his buoyant step is only rivaled by the even greater urgency of his speech. As you might imagine, he's a fairly animated, high-energy sort of person and seems to have a bottomless well of enthusiasm. (My hypothesis: his pep either comes from years of practice as a cheerleader or he's simply taking uppers.)

For the two or three people who might get the reference - think Mr. O'Neil (the math teacher) as a doctor.

When first introduced, he described himself as "very anal" and to a certain extent, that's an accurate characterization. For example, he wasn't happy with how students were charting their notes in the computer (using our attending physician's previously laid out criteria), so he typed up a 4-page, single-spaced example (with explanations) for what he wanted to see in the future.

Hailing from Seattle, he went to school in Iowa and chose TMC-Children's Mercy as his first choice for a Med-Peds Residency. Although still needing to whip out his Palm from time-to-time to look up some details, by-and-large, he knows his stuff. He's sharp on the floor and confidently states what he wants to do.

He also appears eager to interact with his students. While joining us for the Mexican potluck we had last Friday, he joked and gossiped along with everyone else, seeming completely at ease among his younger colleagues. He even demonstrated his osteopathic skills (he's a D.O.) by performing several adjustments on Heather's back, per her request. Without hesitating, he expertly placed his hands alongside her spine, and with a swift jerk and a forceful push, he snapped her vertebrae into better alignment. The loud crack was audible across the room and over the hubbub of students' voices, and we all sort of collectively gasped at the noise. A moment of shock registered on Heather's face too before she gleefully exclaimed, "Hey, that feels pretty good! Do it again!"

So he did.


At 6:34 PM, Blogger sarj√© said...

Do you realize, you're totally living the "Scrubs" life? Today's episode had the patient who needed to go to the zoo for an MRI...and your supervising resident sounds vaguely familiar as well.

Simply awesome.


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