Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Incentive Program Improves Inmate Behavior

MARK WARD, BBC NEWS - Oregon's prison system in the US is turning to computer games to help rehabilitate felons. Inmates who have a clean disciplinary record for 18 months are being given a chance to buy a small handheld game console. The gadget has 50 simple games onboard that can be played through small TVs fixed in cells...

The game gadgets, made by technology firm DreamGear, have been introduced to Oregon's correctional system as part of a larger incentive system that starts to help prepare prisoners for life outside jail... This was important, said Mr Damon, because 95% of the state's prisoners will eventually return to the community.

The game gadgets were part of the so-called quality of life incentives that try to make prisoners "gravitate toward the pro-social behaviours critical to successful transition back to the community".

Statistics show that trouble in Oregon's state prisons has declined following the introduction of the gadget incentives. Over the past three years the incidence of misconduct reports, assaults on warders and fights between inmates has declined, even though the numbers of prisoners has increased.


At 12:43 PM, Anonymous Adrienne said...

very interesting... and a good idea to help with the introduction back into society!


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