Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hope for Tomorrow

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Day, a time for Americans to reflect upon our country's past with respect to civil liberties, equality, and justice. It also marked an opportunity to take stock of the present day, a chance to note both the successes and the failings of our nation. Most importantly, perhaps, it afforded the occasion for those who care deeply about this country to proclaim what we hope the future may hold for it.

If you look through the archives of this blog, I think you'll note I've tempered much of my political postings over the course of the past year. The reason for this is simple: it has simply not seemed worth it. My journey into the realm of online communication was begun with the hope that I might better explain my perspective of this world. I carved out this small corner of the Internet for myself because I agreed with the realizations of Dr. King, namely that "Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."

How successful I've been in combating this enemy is up for debate. What I do know is this: it has not been enough. Conservatives, the radical right, and Bushbots alike (and there is a difference between the three) have won the major battles of this generation to date. With the likely confirmation of Judge Scalito to the already conservative Supreme Court next week, interpretation of American law for the better part of our lives will be almost inexorably shifted to the right. Impacts of this will be wide-ranging, long-felt, and devastating for many. The America that we shall know as a result of the 2000/2004 'elections' will be vastly different than that which we might have had with a President Gore or a President Kerry.

Need it be said, I have been rather despondent about the path we are being led down. Most frustrating of all for me has been the lack of a strong, critical voice of opposition - a trumpet of reason in a din of foolish discord. But today dawned slightly brighter than did Monday, because I now know that at least one man is still able to break through the executive branch's fog of obfuscation, is still able to precisely define the threat to our Constitution and very way of life that is posed by this administration. One man still passionately cares about the future of this country and speaks with both conviction and eloquence. And that is why I tip my hat to you, Mr. Gore. Thank you for inspiring me to keep hope for tomorrow.

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