Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Word Association

String one word to another...

My chain (125 words): profits, capitalism, communism, lenin, trotsky, stalin, russia, moscow, soviet, sputnik, space, time, now, later, then, there, goes, went, out, in, play, work, load, toad, hall, hill, climber, mountaineer, awarded, medal, honour, integrity, sound, wave, surfing, board, rubber, glue, tacky, tie, laces, shoe, heel, sole, soul, spirit, body, mind, games, reindeer, red, green, grocer, lettuce, leaf, stem, branch, root, canal, panama, water, glass, shard, hard, difficult, tough, chewy, han, movie, film, score, ballgame, baseball, first, foremost, last, best, worst, evil, gray, sky, cloud, float, trip, holiday, happy, sad, angry, pissed, upset, depressed, me, funny, you, self, introspection, katie, stupid, thick, thin, tall, short, stubby, rotund, fat, skinny, slim, fast, car, auto, truck, buck, tooth, fairy, wand, magic, black, white, supremacy, pizza, round, square, pegs, oink, pink

Word Association


At 9:33 PM, Anonymous Sam said...

mine was bad right from the start... i swear they saw me coming...

MY CHAIN: vibrate, dildo, anal, panties, wet, slippery, water, glass, case, vase, flowers, pedal, car, horn, trombone, flute, skin, smooth, sexy, cool, jazz, music, soothing, soul, mind, body, language, love, kiss, lips, gloss, shine, glow, beautiful, eyes, deep, down, earth, venus, mars, planet, universe, entire, being, living, colour, shape, curve, graph, line, que, money, greed, green, monster, mash, bangers, hotdogs, bun, ass, spank, slap, happy, smile, tooth, brush, broom, bristle, shave, cream, double, latte, late, dinner, turkey, breast, titty, nipple, tits, boob, hooters, wings, angels, lovely, cute, sam, halloween, pumpkin, head, stone, sword, sharp, tongue, lick, french, hat, bowler, crash, landing, plane, wood, burn, house, home, help, ask, inquire, curious, furious, anger, lust, sex, blowjob, semen, spurt, dribble, drool, chin, wag, tail, piece, paper, ink, write, word, mightier, stronger, faster, pussycat, pounce, jump, run, forward, straight, laced, bra, black, dress, clothes, jeans, levi, devil, sin, evil, george, bush, shrub, tree, trunk, junk, yard, rack, shoe, lace, curtain, sunlight, sun, moon, stars, bright, clear, soft, pink, ugly, man, woman, lady, princess, di, beauty, girl, friend, close, heart, red, hair, fur, animal, primal, fear, anxiety, attack, bite, chomp, romp, fun, great, laugh, chuckle, giggle, idiot, american, cheddar, cheese, picture, frame, rate, pump, fist, knuckle, bloody, sunday, football, player, athlete, sock, monkey, pet, mouse, quiet, still, listen, whisper, blow, out, candle, flame, spark, plug, outlet, electric, fire, men, boys, little, women, mothers, best, favourite, mistake, erase, forget, old, new, unused, wrapped, up, sky, vodka


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