Friday, October 07, 2005


Following is part of a review of "The Mind Molester," a devious little device which emits a high pitched beep every three minutes (sort of like a cell phone with low batteries). Hide it under a piece of furniture and watch the fun ensue...

DISTRACTECH - I decided to first plant it in the Living room right behind the tv so its sound would distinctly interupt anyone’s viewing expierience as well as be masked by the tv sound. The first beep came 5 minutes after I planted it followed by the 3 minute interval of beeps that come once it sets into its sequence. For the first few beeps I got nothing. But then people started asking what that beeping was. Next thing I knew I was watching them rummage through the room looking for it. They dug out the couch and chairs, opened the drawers and everything. Alls I could do was try not to laugh. It was quite amusing. And so for a few hours I left it there and drove everyone nuts. They never could locate the source of the beeping. The 3 minute interval that I at first thought was too long was perfect. Just enough to get their attention and just when they give up the search it’d come back and aggravate them. I loved it!

This proved to be fun but an amateur use of the device. I soon grew skilled with it and began planting it with one goal. Drive my poor old dad up a wall. I had him thinking it was his digital watch. All night he kept looking at it. Then when he switched rooms I followed him with it. A couple hours later he took down the smoke alarm and dismantled it. It was hilarious. So I then stopped the beeping after he put it back. Now he is under the belief it was indeed the smoke alarm. HAHA... I love it! ....


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