Monday, September 12, 2005


Justifying a five-week vacation, a petulant Bush said:
I think the people want the president to be in a position to make good, crisp decisions and to stay healthy.
Then Katrina hit, and we saw what "good, crisp decisions", Bush-style, looked like. Not very good, not very crisp.

Hate to say 'I told you so,' but I did.


At 7:03 AM, Anonymous Sam said...

I think this is all the more reason as to why you should take 5 weeks and come to Canada :)

At 8:02 AM, Blogger Danielle said...

I forgot to post this one under the bumper sticker post..hee hee I will perturb you with it here:

"Annoy a liberal: work hard and be happy."

PS. I have seen the Kansas one around here a lot.

At 9:25 AM, Blogger Luke said...

I'm not sure that hard work or success would actually annoy a liberal, but I do know that independent thinking and a concern for the common good will usually annoy a conservative. :p

That said, Canada is looking more and more appealing every day. =D

At 8:21 PM, Anonymous Jeff said...

OK, did Bush "decide" to drive a whole hurricane into America?

Uh huh... just what I thought.

Should Bush have run roughshod over the Federalist order of the Constitution and gone into Louisiana without an invitation form the governor?

Uh huh... thought so.

Perhaps you should question Governor Weepy Blanco and Mayor Everybody's-Fault-But-Mine Nagin. At least Bush can claim he was on vacation -- these morons were actually at the helm of their own state.

Why, oh why, does it seem that Alabama and Mississippi seemed to fare so much better from the same storm? Was it that the Republican administrations had their stuff together?

Why are there 500 fueled busses in the Mayor Nagin Memorial Motor Pool that are sitting useless in feet of water instead of having been mobilized prior to the storm?

Why didn't Governor Blanco accept FEMA assistance when George Bush offered it to her the day before the storm hit???

Uh huh... just as I expected.

Luke, I hear Canada calling. Not so sure we can take any more of your Kos-backed "independent" thinking.

At 10:37 PM, Blogger Luke said...

Okay, Jeff, whoever you are. We'll play this game.

First off, let me say it seems you and I have something in common. We're BOTH outraged. Me, I'm outraged at the absolutely pathetic response by our government in the face of one of the worst natural disasters ever to befall our shores. You, well, you seem to be outraged that I expect accountability for the piss-poor management of this crisis.

I believe firmly in an independent, non-partisan investigation into the circumstances surrounding the FAILURE of our government to respond effectively and swiftly to this epic national tragedy, and I expect consequences for those who screwed up. Do you?

Anything I have noted on this site, I have documented with source citations. If you want to get into a debate, I'd appreciate that you at least take the time to reference your dittohead points, so that I can have the same chance to be as "informed" as you.

For example, you ask, "Why didn't Governor Blanco accept FEMA assistance when George Bush offered it to her the day before the storm hit???"

I have no clue where you get the idea that she didn't. Since you seem to enjoy intelligent commentary, let me refer you back to KOS. From an article posted just a short while ago:

Non-partisan Congressional report (PDF) clears Blanco against (ridiculous) charges that she did not call a state of emergency in time. From a Rep. Conyers press release (PDF):

"This report closes the book on the Bush Administration's attempts to evade accountability by shifting the blame to the Governor of Louisiana for the Administration's tragically sluggish response to Katrina. It confirms that the Governor did everything she could to secure relief for the people of Louisiana and the Bush Administration was caught napping at a critical time."

In addition to finding that " would appear that the Governor did take the steps necessary to request emergency and major disaster declarations for the State of Louisiana in anticipation of Hurricane Katrina. (p.11)" The report found that:

--All necessary conditions for federal relief were met on August 28. Pursuant to Section 502 of the Stafford Act, "[t]he declaration of an emergency by the President makes Federal emergency assistance available," and the President made such a declaration on August 28. The public record indicates that several additional days passed before such assistance was actually made available to the State;

--The Governor must make a timely request for such assistance, which meets the requirements of federal law. The report states that "[e]xcept to the extent that an emergency involves primarily Federal interests, both declarations of major disaster and declarations of emergency must be triggered by a request to the President from the Governor of the affected state";

--The Governor did indeed make such a request, which was both timely and in compliance with federal law. The report finds that "Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco requested by letter dated August 27, 2005...that the President declare an emergency for the State of Louisiana due to Hurricane Katrina for the time period from August 26, 2005 and continuing pursuant to [applicable Federal statute]" and "Governor Blanco's August 27, 2005 request for an emergency declaration also included her determination...that `the incident is of such severity and magnitude that effective response is beyond the capabilities of the State and affected local governments and that supplementary Federal assistance is necessary to save lives, protect property, public health, and safety, or to lessen or avert the threat of disaster.

Hang the people responsible for this mess, be they Democrat, Republican, or whatever else. I don't care. But if Republicans are going to smear and claim it's someone else's fault, they might want to make sure reality backs them up. Aren't they the supposedly godly ones? What's that 9th Commandment say again?


Now, Jeff, let me ask you another question. You're the mayor of a city - where do you send 100,000 people without access to transportation, shelter, or other resources? Eh? You've only got jurisdiction over your municipality. You want to criticize the response of Mayor Nagin or Gov. Blanco, go right ahead. Maybe they DIDN'T do enough... but the real blame, in my opinion, rests with the federal government. They botched it, and we both know it.

And last time I checked, Mississippi and Alabama weren't doing all that swell either. Perhaps you could clarify what you mean by "faring so much better?" I'm sure there are plenty of families in those two states who have lost everything and saw that same poor federal emergency response who might disagree with you.

I'll give you one thing though, Jeff. At least you have a sense of humor. I mean, c'mon... you can't be serious: "At least Bush can claim he was on vacation -- these morons were actually at the helm of their own state."

So you're saying it was okay that George Bush wasn't at the helm of his country, because... erm.... he was "on vacation"???? Seriously, man, you could go on Comedy Central!

Heck, just compare and contrast... Harry Truman used to have a sign on his desk which read, "The Buck Stops Here." He was a man who understood the importance of the president taking "personal responsibility." Why doesn't your boy George? Or is nothing ever his fault?

Our country was hit by two disasters: one natural, the other man-made. Let's hope we don't let such a one-two blow happen again. Maybe you can agree with that. Eh, Jeff? Eh?


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