Tuesday, June 14, 2005

What's Important

JAMES MCBRIDE, PRATT UNIVERSITY COMMENCEMENT SPEECH - If I were 21 I would walk the earth. I would go barefoot longer; I'd learn how to throw a Frisbee, I'd go braless if I were a woman and I would wear no underwear if I were a man. I'd play cards and wear the same pair of jeans until they were so stiff they could get up and strut around the room by themselves. ... So don't take the short road. Fool around. Have fun. ... You're not going to get this time back. Don't panic and go to graduate school and law school. This nation has enough frightened, dissatisfied yuppies living in gated communities, driving S.U.V.'s and wondering where their youth went.

We need you to walk the earth, so that other nations can see the beauty of American youth, rather than seeing our young in combat fatigues behind the barrel of an M-16.

Good advice, eh?


At 1:40 PM, Anonymous Sam said...

wow. very cool. This whole 'enjoy life' thing is going around eh?!


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