Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Le sigh... I have sucked at blogging for the last few days. But I'm too sleepy to do anything about it right now.... G'nite, world!

p.s. Okay, you twisted my arm... here you go.

The most shoplifted items according to the Food Market Institute

Advil tablet 50 ct
Advil tablet 100 ct
Aleve caplet 100 ct
EPT Pregnancy Test single
Gillette Sensor 10 ct
Kodak 200 24 exp
Similac w/iron powder - case
Similac w/iron powder - single can
Preparation H 12 ct
Primatene tablet 24 ct
Sudafed caplet 24 ct
Tylenol caplet 100 ct
Advil caplet 100 ct
Aleve caplet 50 ct
Correctol tablet 60 ct


At 7:35 PM, Anonymous Sam said...

Most stolen item in the world:
The bible.

Go figure


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