Thursday, April 28, 2005

Roo Party Sweeps Election

U-NEWS, UMKC - An unprecedented number of students turned out to the polls in last week's Student Government Association (SGA) election, voting for a change in leadership. Students elected all four candidates from the Roo Party: Fresh Faces and New Ideas to the SGA's executive council.

A total of 1,696 students voted in the election, 775 (47 percent) of which cast ballots for Marcus Leach and Sofya Galich, the presidential and executive vice presidential candidates, respectively, for the Roo Party. Sharan Srinivas was voted in as administrative vice president from the Roo Party with 817 votes (53 percent), and Nhu-Ouynh Hoang Tran was elected as comptroller with 707 votes (44 percent).

Nearly 1,000 more students voted in this election than did last year, in which 741 students cast ballots; and 1,318 more votes were cast than two years ago, when just 378 students voted... All told, voter turnout was about 12 percent, with nearly an even number of votes coming on paper ballots (860 votes) and via online voting (853 votes).

Congrats, Roo Party! UMKC is on the right path!


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