Monday, April 25, 2005

On the path to feeling comfortable....

No notes, musical or otherwise, in the air
Just the whir of a tape machine
In the dark

What could I say now
That might be enough?
Words cheapen, lack meaning

But so much
There lies within
I've seen it, I've sensed it

Two pairs of feet
Neither corny
'Prints to the center of your soul

Clever, funny
Accepting, I don't know why
You love things just because

Beautiful cartoon bird
Let me hear your song tonight
Could I possibly steal your soul?

We'll aim for the sky
Or maybe the ceiling
Away with me, you'll soar

A million questions
Stories too
None come now to mind

Please forgive me this
My heart is open and far ahead
The rest, trying ever to catch up

Quiet breaths
The flicker of an eyelash now
Tangles of hair

"What thinking?"
No, none of that
Feeling, at last.


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