Saturday, March 26, 2005

School Bans 'Wrong Race' Hairstyle

MANCHESTER NEWS, UK - A teenager was sent home from school after the headteacher ruled she was the wrong race to have a braided hairstyle. Olivia Acton, 13, was told she could not join her classmates at Middleton Technology College because her tightly plaited hair was too "extreme" for the strict uniform policy. However, two other pupils at the school who have an Afro-Caribbean background are allowed to attend the school with similar hairstyles because it reflects their cultural heritage. The teenager usually has her hair brushed straight but had it braided during a family holiday. She was stunned to be turned away when she returned to school. She was told she can only go back to the classroom if she unpicks the plaits.


At 12:10 PM, Anonymous clark said...

This hair style is damn nice !!
I'm a white man also and wish I could get this hairstyle man there's no race priority for the hair your want


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