Monday, March 07, 2005

Perhaps Caroline Knows More Than We Give Her Credit For

MARILYN ELIAS, USA TODAY - Couples in conflict-ridden marriages take longer than the happily married to heal from all kinds of wounds, from minor scrapes or athletic injuries to major surgery, suggests a study out over the weekend. And the health toll taken by a stressful job seems to be eased when the worker has a pleasurable home life. This new research, reported at the American Psychosomatic Society meeting here, adds to growing evidence that marriage has an impact on health.


At 9:44 PM, Blogger Keith said...

Here is an interesting story (at least for a med schooler, I suppose)....

Using laughter-provoking movies to gauge the effect of emotions on cardiovascular health, researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore have shown for the first time that laughter is linked to healthy function of blood vessels. Laughter appears to cause the tissue that forms the inner lining of blood vessels, the endothelium, to dilate or expand in order to increase blood flow.

When the same group of study volunteers was shown a movie that produced mental stress, their blood vessel lining developed a potentially unhealthy response called vasoconstriction, reducing blood flow. That finding confirms previous studies, which suggested there was a link between mental stress and the narrowing of blood vessels.

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