Sunday, March 06, 2005

Oh no she didn't!

Okay, so this afternoon, a bunch of us were all headed back to the medical school in the same car, and we got off I-35 at 20th St. Well, we didn't get too far down the exit ramp before we had to stop, because there was a line of cars already blocking the way. Wondering what could be holding traffic up, we all craned our necks to see past the multitude of bumpers ahead of us. I was sitting shotgun, so I had a relatively good vantage point, but I still couldn't quite make out what was going on down the ramp. A couple people who were in the car suggested an accident might have just occurred, which seemed like a reasonable explanation to me, until I saw the tiny figures of two people who were far away momentarily come into my line of sight. It looked like Person A was grabbing Person B, but quick-as-a-flash, they were hidden behind the line of cars once again. Hmmm... this raised speculation in the car: what was going on? was there a fight? what might possibly be happening down there? It looked like there was at least one girl involved. The two individuals popped into view once more; yep, it definitely looked like there might be some sort of altercation going on. Christine volunteered to get out of the car to get a better look. But before she could, traffic had started to inch forward. It appeared like the two combatants had settled their differences (or at least had gone their separate ways). At any rate, they were no longer in sight. The car was put into gear, and we rolled slowly down the ramp. As we approached the scene of all of this hullabaloo, a curious thing came into sight. No, it couldn't be... we said. Well, what do you know? It is! Lying on the roadway was a woman's hair weave, fully intact (aside from missing the head it belonged to). Horrible as this experience must have been for those directly involved, we couldn't help but bust out laughing at its out-of-place presence on the street. So yeah, I'm not exactly sure what the moral of this story is, but I guess there's always the old saying: hair today, gone tomorrow.


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