Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Could this be the handiwork of a certain Prince of Persia?

BBC - Iran has stepped up its campaign to ensure the body of water between Iran and the Arabian peninsula is known as the Persian, not the Arabian, Gulf. It is said to have withdrawn an invitation to National Geographic magazine to attend a festival because they refer to the Gulf as both.

Iranian bloggers also launched a web action on the Google search engine. The words "Arabian Gulf" elicit a spoof message: "The Gulf you are looking for does not exist. Try Persian Gulf." . . .

Iranian officials objected to the fact that the latest issue of the magazine's atlas refers to the stretch of water as "The Persian Gulf (Arabian Gulf)". National Geographic has already been banned from going on sale in Iran, pending a "correction" of the atlas.

On Monday, Iran threatened the Arabic satellite TV al-Jazeera with action for an online animated cartoon published in the wake of the National Geographic ban. It shows an Iranian cleric ignoring regional problems in favour of taking action over what to call the Gulf.

Google Search: Arabian Gulf


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