Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Network Fined $1.2 Million for Complaint of Three Viewers

NY POST - A blogger has discovered that only three people were responsible for the FCC complaints that sparked the [FCC's] whopping $1.2 million fine against Fox. Jeff Jarvis, the author of a Web log called Buzz Machine, claims to have filed a Freedom of Information Act request last month to see the 159 complaints that led to the record fine because of "sexually suggestive" content on the reality show "Married by America." In a letter to Jarvis, William H. Davenport, chief of the FCC's chief of investigations and hearings - posted on Jarvis' blog - admits that there were actually only 90 complaints. And it turns out, almost all the complaints were sent by just 23 individuals. All but two of the complaints are identical, likely written by an individual, photocopied and mailed to the FCC many times. Only two of the letters were not the form letter, Jarvis found.


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