Friday, October 22, 2004

A Product I'd Buy

CBC NEWS - A keychain device that enables people to turn off TVs just about anywhere is flying off the shelves, its inventor says... The TV-B-Gone ($14.99 US) remote control was made public Monday in Wired magazine and on the web.

"I thought there would just be a trickle, but we are swamped," the inventor, Mitch Altman of San Francisco, told the Associated Press. "I didn't know there were so many people who were into turning TV off."

The device, an on-off switch, works on about 1,000 TV models, offering users relief from unwanted pictures and noise in airports, restaurants and bars. It's like a universal remote control programmed to run through about 200 infrared codes that turn TVs on or off. Aim the device, push the button and most TVs will go off.

Altman, an electrical engineer, says he tested the device all over the world and most people didn't react when the TV went off. He doesn't like television and doesn't own one.


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