Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Decipher This

GUARDIAN - Can anyone, man, woman or Batman, decipher this Sun headline, which we include in capitals so as not to give away more than the paper itself? RAT NICKS POP NAT'S NEW HITS.

The essential, as with Latin, is finding the verb. Is it pop? Have some rattish fellows called Nick popped Nat's new hits? Maybe the headline is in the imperative, imploring us to inform on these Nicks, and subsequently pop Nat's new hits? No, wait: there's a bad fellow, a "rat" who has stolen ("nicked") some fizzy drinks ("pop") - maybe even some booze. All wrong. In fact, a pop singer called Natasha Bedingfield has had her laptop, containing some new songs, stolen from Heathrow airport.


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