Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Massai Protest

BBC - Kenyan riot police have used tear gas to disperse more than 100 Maasai protesters in traditional outfits in the capital, Nairobi. The Kenyan police said they used force because the protest was illegal.

The Kenyan government has rejected demands by ethnic Maasai protesters for the return of land leased to British settlers 100 years ago. Lands Minister Amos Kimunya said the government did not recognise the colonial-era treaties. The original lease expired this weekend on one million hectares of land, traditionally used by the Maasai and then occupied by white farmers.

Over the weekend, Kenyan police shot dead a 70-year-old Maasai tribesman who was trying to graze his cattle on a white-owned farm. Four other herdsman were injured in the shooting which took place 40 km north of Nanyuki township in central Kenya. Police said 71 people, all believed to be Maasai land protesters, were arrested.


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