Thursday, May 27, 2004

Violation: Excessive Joy

KCTV, MO - There was a dress code and a behavior code that was strictly followed at the Grandview High School graduation. One family who got kicked out for cheering their son's accomplishments said it was being taken too far. It all began when 18-year-old Brandon Sample's family clapped and whistled as the Grandview grad walked across the stage.

It may have seemed harmless, but it was enough to get them tossed out of the ceremony. On home video, a police officer said, "You've got to leave." A woman said, "This is a celebration, sir."

The police officer said: "I know. The school didn't want you, them doing that. You don't leave, you go to jail. You understand that?" . . .

"We were proud. It was one those where it was like the proudest moment in your life, and so we cheered. It was just a cheer, and then we were quiet," said Joy Sample.

That was when the officer approached, asking the teen's mother, father, aunts, and even his 86-year-old grandmother to leave . . .

The Grandview School District defended the policy, saying the crowd was getting too disruptive, and they had to keep things under control. Some parents agreed.


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