Friday, May 14, 2004

pResident Dumbass

Okay, the idiot has ticked me off again....

Underfunded school gets air conditioning in one room for one day for Bush

During an appearance once again labeled a "presidential visit" and not a campaign stop, Bush talked to a crowd Thursday at Parkersburg South High School about his No Child Left Behind act and the development of college preparatory programs in public schools.

"The people here in Parkersburg can run the schools here a lot better than anyone in Washington D.C.," the president said, generating roaring applause from the crowd.

But Brenda Brum, a librarian at Parkersburg South and a former delegate, said Bush's comments fly in the face of the reality teachers, students and parents face every day trying to meet new federal mandates.

"He doesn't think the federal government is responsible for funding local schools," Brum said. "My question then is why are they setting all the rules?"

Brum said that on Thursday one only had to look around the school to see how the expensive No Child Left Behind requirements are affecting students.

"We've got 1,200 students sitting over there in an un-air conditioned auditorium watching this (on television) with fans blowing on them to keep cool," she said. "Here, we've pumped in air conditioning for the President. I resent that. We need to first make sure there's money to provide students with an adequate learning environment."

What does it say about the guy when he can't even spend 45 minutes in mountainous West Virginia (in May!) in an un-air conditioned room? If students there have to endure classes without AC, then Bush should expect to do the same if he wants to make a speech about education there (on the taxpayer's dime, no less).


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