Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Picking up Chris's Slack

So I was watching Matlock this afternoon... It was a pretty captivating episode. You see, Matlock's client had been accused of murdering this other guy, but (get this!) he was really innocent. In fact, the other guy was even still alive! Long-story-short, I was really getting into the program by the time the big court scene rolled around at the end. In case you're not familiar with the show, this is the part where the audience finds out "what really happened." So just as Matlock began grilling the guy on the witness stand, cleverly letting everyone finally understand the case's mystery, some bright fellow at the cable company decides to issue a monthly test of the Emergency Broadcasting System. Now, I'm all for keeping people safe, but this afternoon's fiasco was pushing it. Apparently, one can't "test the EBS" without muting the sound of everything on TV. So there I was, perched on the edge of my seat, about to discover "what had really happened," when suddenly I can't hear Matlock anymore... I think, "alright, this won't last long - don't worry." Well, literally a minute-and-a-half later (after they've scrolled through every county in the metro area at the top of the screen TWICE), the sound finally comes back. Matlock gives a sly grin to the camera and the judge says, "Case Dismissed." Mouth agape, all I can do is weakly utter, "Whaaaa happened?!?"

Thanks EBS: 58-and-a-half good minutes of Matlock down the drain.


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