Tuesday, May 18, 2004


Busy day behind me.... busy day ahead. Class at 8, then 1. Should study in between. Should study afterwards. Drawing the line at studying beforehand.

And now for Tuesday's highlights (and lowlights):

Annoyance for the day: summer parking last year was like $40... this year it's $72.

Weird event
: Trying to study in the library as some guy walks around the block playing bagpipes.

Glad I wasn't that person moment
: Watching the dumb girl on a cell phone in front of me try to walk out the 'No Exit' turnstyle and fall over.

Bittersweet occasion: Remembering the time we walked along the sidewalk in the snow.

Funniest moments: Scrizz's impression of Morrow / K-I losing his shutout to K-II.

Glimpse of history-in-the-making: Watching Randy Johnson pitch the ninth inning on TBS in what turned out to be MLB's 17th perfect game.

Bit of trivia learned from TV
: Great Britain (not France) was the third country to test an atomic bomb in 1952.

Interesting factoid: Luds would rather 'be with' Faith Hill than Eminem.

Apologies for the sentence fragments. Too tired for verbs.


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