Tuesday, May 11, 2004

After some fiddling...

....I think I'm beginning to remember how html works (it's rather simple really). I put a little more space in between the ad at the top of the page and that big blue box underneath it per the request of a certain Dark Jackal. I think everything's a bit more aesthetically pleasing now. Don't like the way something looks? Let me know, and I'll work on it. (Disclaimer: if you think this page would look better with a bunch of frilly pink things scattered all over it [or some other such nonsense], I reserve the right to laugh derisively at your suggestion.)

In other news, I have confirmed that tennis is not my strongest sport, although I think I should be given credit for hitting the ball the farthest from the court. Tomorrow I've got another lecture about female hormones. Seriously, why do girls have to be so complex? Male physiology took just one-fourth the time that we've spent so far covering gals' systems. I blame those of you with two X chromosomes for causing me to need to study more.

I suppose we'll end in true DaDaist style:

PY: randomness
Zhivago08: coconut squirrel flags
PY: but those taste good
Zhivago08: ah, but good is as baseball mitts do
PY: often, as the grape says
Zhivago08: nonsense, as any yam might bound
PY: pieces or craft the often fowled thought
Zhivago08: but ships flee flightingly from orangemen
PY: Syracuse sucks
Zhivago08: lol.. no argument


At 10:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

whittling wrinkled weatherstrips


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